Monday, December 1, 2008

Transfer contacts part 2: between any multimedia phones using vcard

This post includes transfer of contacts between multimedia mobile phones of different or same brand eg:- transfer contacts from a Nokia n73 to a sony ericcson K800i. This involves converting contacts into a common format called vcard format(business card format) vcard is a standard format from the IETF for an electronic business card that includes fields for photos, sound,multiple phone number entries and company logos. Information is transported in a file with a .vcf extension which are normally very small in size.
Almost all multimedia phones irrespective of brand support vcard format. It also has support for transfer of contacts through sms, infrared, bluetooth etc and hence copying files to a computer is not mandatory.

1.First convert the contacts to vcard format
This is done by copying files into any memory device like memory card or by copying files into the system

In nokia phones:-
Open contacts> Options> Copy > To memory card
This saves the contacts in vcard format in the memory card in a folder called
memory card > others>contacts

Now contacts can be sent as any normal file over bluetooth,IR or even sms
2.Copy these files into a computer.
3.Again copy these files to the memory card of newer phone.
4.Click on these files to install contacts into phonebook.
For multiple contacts just mark multiple files and click

Alternatively in nokia phones
copy files to the folder
memory card > others > contacts
Then open contacts> Options> Copy > From memory card.

Also read transfer contacts part 1


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