Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deleting pre-installed java games in symbian phones

As a norm of becoming the ultimate multimedia hand held devices 99% of mobile phones nowadays come preloaded with java games. They are usually cool and handy to spend some quality leisure time. But it may also get necessary to remove games from some phones eg: business phones. This post helps you to remove such preinstalled java games which usually may not have an uninstall/delete option.

Note: This post uses F explorer 1.17. Download here
To remove an installed application
1.Open Fexplorer 1.17 on phone.
2.Go to folder C:\system\midlets
3.You will see several folders with random names.
4.Open each folder just to identify the application to delete ( for example teashark.jar).
5.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
6.Go to folder C:\system\apps
It will also contain some random folders.
7.Identify the folder to be removed. This can be done either by verifying the thumbnail image in the folder or opening the .txt file which contains the name of the application.
8.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
9. Restart the phone(recommended).
The Java application is completely removed

Pre installed applications can be reinstalled on phone either by
1. restoring factory settings
2. formatting phone memory (read full post)


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