Sunday, September 28, 2008

Formatting the phone memory of Nokia 6600/N70/N73

Formatting the phone memory is required when a symbian phone is virus affected and cannot be recovered by simply restoring the factory settings. Usually after format the essential firmware is reloaded automatically to the phone memory from an inbuilt ROM present inphone itself.

Note: Formatting phone memory will erase all phone contents including contacts,messages and settings. Hence it is strongly advised to back up all your phone contents

Step By Step Procedure
Backup all essential phone contents.
Remove Memory Card
Switch Off the phone
In the switched off state press *,3,call(green button)
While keeping the above buttons still pressed, switch on the phone

You will now see a format window (in 6600) otherwise Nokia page( in other phones)
Enter date and time zone after format.
Your phone is now formatted and is as clean as a new mobile
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Check the life timer on Nokia phones

Life timer is a provision on all Nokia mobile phones to check the total airtime usage. It is an important tool for second hand buyers to check if the phone was overused.Life timer provides an info regarding the average usage in hoursTo acess this feature in Nokia phones type in the code in stand by mode
Code= *#92702689#
In Series 40 and below phones, this code provides unique information like repair, purchase date, life timer, imei number etc
In Series 60 and above phones it gives only the life timer.
Any life timer with 300 hours or below for 1 year indicates normal usage of phone
Note:The life timer can be reset by replacing the software of the phone.Hence it is not the last word in phone usage.

Other related codes
code *#06#
gives the IMEI code or serial number of the mobile
code *#0000#
gives the software version used in the nokia phone
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rescuing a cellphone from water damages

Most cellphone warranties do not cover water damage. So it remains utmost essential to prevent water logging in your cell phone. Traces of water in the cell phone may cause short circuiting of the board, which usually cannot be repaired.Water logging will also damage the display of the phone.

Here are some first aid tips to protect your wet phone from gettingdamaged...

  • Switch Off the phone immediately.
  • Remove Battery and Sim card from Socket.
  • Clean Using a clean and dry cloth
  • Remove Casing (if possible)
  • Keep mobile in an inclined standing position and allow to dry under a fan.
  • Do a normal service at a nearby authorized service center as soon as possible.
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