Saturday, December 6, 2008

Removing an uninstallable theme from Symbian Phones

Themes or Skins are one of the most popular customizable option in a symbian mobile phone. They come in .sis formats and are available for free download on many sites on the web. The increasing popularity of downloadable themes have caused a serious problem of poorly compiled themes. And mostly there is no method to know if a theme is properly compiled unless you install it.
Such themes may not be uninstalled properly from the phone. This phone deals with a method to remove uninstallable themes using Fexplorer 1.17
Download Fexplorer 1.17 here

1. Open Fexplorer in phone.
2. Go to E:\System\skins
3. You can see the random folders in which themes are installed
4. Open folder and identify the theme to be deleted.
5. Delete the folder.
6. restart the phone (recommended)

Go to drive C:\ instead of E:\ if the theme is installed in phone memory


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