Thursday, December 4, 2008

Removing an uninstallabe Java application from a Symbian Phone

Many of us may have installed several applications in our mobile phones to enhance its functionalities. Most of these applications are secure and can be easily removed by uninstall option. But some java applications may turn nasty and may not get removed by uninstall due to several reasons, the foremost being corruption of files. This post introduces an effective method to remove such files completely from your mobile phone by using a phone explorer like Fexplorer or YBrowser
This post uses Fexplorer 1.17 and can be downloaded here
This trick is possible only because of the simple fact that Java applications do not leave any registry entries or files in other than two mentioned folders

To remove an installed application
1.Open Fexplorer 1.17 on phone.
2.Go to folder C:\system\midlets
3.You will see several folders with random names.
4.Open each folder just to identify the application to delete ( for example teashark.jar).
5.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
6.Go to folder C:\system\apps
It will also contain some random folders.
7.Identify the folder to be removed. This can be done either by verifying the thumbnail image in the folder or opening the .txt file which contains the name of the application.
8.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
9. Restart the phone(recommended).
The Java application is completely removed

Note: To remove Java applications installed in memory card
goto drive E:\ instead of C:\
Tested in Nokia N70


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