Friday, December 12, 2008

Power MP3 not playing all mp3 songs? Try this

PowerMP3 is one of the most versatile and feature rich substitute for default music players in symbian phones especially the older models like 6600, N70 etc. One of the major problem associated with powerMP3 is that it does not play all mp3 files
The reason is that powerMP3 has a native support for mp3 files with extension .mp3 only. And hence will not play media files with extension .Mp3 or .MP3 which are recognized by other software. The only method to make sure that PowerMp3 plays all mp3 files is to make sure that the extension of the music files is .mp3

To change file extension in Windows Operating Systems

Open (My)computer ->select Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Check the box "Hide extension of Known file Types"
Now all files in your system will show extension
Change the extension of all MP3 files to .mp3.
Load the files to your phone. Now your powerMP3 plays all mp3 songs


Unnikrishnan R said...

Good blog ... Got the URI from Niranjana. She's my classmate and apparently your friend as well. Anyways happy hacking and keep up the good work!!

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