Sunday, November 30, 2008

Transfer contacts from one nokia phone to another part 1

Very often people find the need to transfer the contacts from their older mobile phone to a newer one or transfer contacts to their new second phone. This post involves methods of transferring contacts from one nokia phone to another without using an intermediate computer Some of methods existing are

1.Using Data transfer application in your Nokia phone
DataTransfer is a built in application in nokia phones which is a convenient method for transferring data, including entire folders, from one phone to another. It can transfer an entire Contacts, Calendar, or Gallery folder over bluetooth and hence has all the convenience of wireless methods

1.Find an application on your device called Transfer, Data Transfer, or Data Mover. Usually found in the Tools folder by default.
2.Switch on Bluetooth on both phones
3.Open the application and follow the onscreen instructions to move the supported data formats to another paired, compatible phone.
Compatible phones include all Nokia phones based on S60 software and newer editions of Java phones.

2. Using Memory Card
This method can be used to transfer contacts or files only in phones which use the same type of memory card, irrespective of the phone manufacturer
First copy the contacts to memory card

In nokia phones:-
Open contacts> Options> Copy > To memory card
Remove the memory card from the phone and insert it in the second phone

Now copy back to the phone memory
In nokia phones:-
Open contacts> Options> Copy > From memory card
voila!! your entire contacts has been copied to your new phone.
The above two methods copies the contacts as itis. Hence it will support multiple phone number entries, other details like email, address, webpage etc

3. Using SIM card
This method is the most primitive form of contact transfer. Just copy your contacts to the sim card and copy back to the newer phone. This method limits the transfer by the simcard limit and can only used to transfer phone numbers and hence is not by anyone nowadays

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Block unwanted sms, calls or mms using Blackballer

Many a time we may have desired not to recieve calls from somebody or some iritating ad sms from a number etc. Several Governments are debating with cellular companies to give users the freedom to block unwanted calls or sms. Blackballer is a symbian software which gives you the power to select the numbers from which you to recieve a call or sms(whitelist) or the numbers you wish to block

Creating lists both black and white is very simple as you can import from your mobiles phonebook itself or key in any particular number.It also contains a log of such blocked numbers you can configure
Download blackballer 1.1 here
Download blackballer 2.1.1 trial for symbian v3 phones here
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Unlock your Memory card password using Fexplorer

Note: This trick works only on symbian phones and also only on the phone in which the memory card was locked. It requires a phone explorer software like F explorer or Y Browser.
This method helps you retrieve memory card password from its stored location in the phone Follow these simple steps.
1. Run FExplorer and Open the path C:\system.
2. You will find a file called mmcstore
3. Using F explorer itself copy the file to a location in the memory card or gallery
4. Copy that file(mmcstore) to your pc
5. Rename the file to mmcstore.txt and open that file in notepad.
6. You will find your password in that file

Download F explorer 1.17 here
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Using Copy- Paste option in Symbian phones

This is a very old trick and has been in existence since the very first edition of symbian OS in mobile phones. But it is really useful to be able to copy text from one editor and paste in other. for eg, copy from messages editor and paste in calendar or to do entry It is really simple

1)Press and hold the pencil key and select your text using the scroll key or D pad.
2)Left function key will change to 'Copy'. Press it to copy the selected text to clipboard. ( the pencil key must be kept pressed)

3)once copied you can release the pencil key.
Inorder to paste in some editor, open it first
4)press and hold the pencil key. now the right soft key changes to 'Paste'.
5)Press 'Paste'. Or, press pencil key once and select 'Paste'.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Safe mode in symbian phones

Safe mode in windows and other operating systems is quite known. In safe mode the Operating system just loads the default files which are essential to boot up. This mode is present in the symbian operating system also. In some conditions after installing some programs you may feel like it is taking a hell lot of time for the phone to start This is because those applications might contain an autorun feature. Safe boot is very easy and handy.

Inorder to safe boot just hold down the pencil key and switch on your phone. The pencil key must be pressed until either the phone becomes on or the PIN code screen appears.

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Improve battery life of your phone

Batteries are important part of any mobile phone, whether it be a cool 5 mp camera phone or a simple black and white phone. Batteries play an important role in maintaining your phone in good conditions. Here are some basic tips to ensure that you can extend the battery life. These steps can also be applied when your running low on phone charge

1. Turn off your Bluetooth whenever your not using it.

2. Lower the brightness of your screen.

3. Always full charge your phone. And remember to charge only when the battery indication becomes low. This ensures proper charging - discharging cycle which eventually decides your battery life.

4. Set the Power saver time-out and the Light time-out to the low values (you’ll find them in the display settings).

5. If you are not using an application close it. active applications running in the background can hog up the juice and make your phone sluggish. (minimized application can be opened by long pressing the menu button in symbian)

6. Games – it’s fun to play games on your way to school/office but they are power-hungry beasts; I can’t tell you not to play games but think about your battery when you are playing.

7. Turn off your phone when you have no signal coverage and is not expecting one.

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