Thursday, January 15, 2009

Transfer calender entries using nokia pc suite

Calender entries form a part of everybodys organised life. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings, Memos all have penetrated into our mobile. Fortunately one can transfer calendar notes from one Nokia phones to another using Nokia PC Suite
Note: This method requires Nokia PC Suite installed on your computer.
Follow these simple steps
1.Open Nokia PC Suite on your computer
2.Connect your phone to the computer using datacable or bluetooth
3.Open Back-up(content copier) from main menu of Nokia PC Suite.
4.Select option to backup contents from phone to pc.
5.Check calender from the given options.
6.Select the location to store the backup file and save the .nbu file
7.Connect the second phone to the PC after disconnecting the first phone.
8.Open Back-up(content copier) from main menu of Nokia PC Suite.
9.Select option to restore contents from pc to phone.
10.Select the previous saved .nbu file
11.Restore it to the new phone.
12.The calender entries have been transferred.

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