Friday, December 12, 2008

Power MP3 not playing all mp3 songs? Try this

PowerMP3 is one of the most versatile and feature rich substitute for default music players in symbian phones especially the older models like 6600, N70 etc. One of the major problem associated with powerMP3 is that it does not play all mp3 files
The reason is that powerMP3 has a native support for mp3 files with extension .mp3 only. And hence will not play media files with extension .Mp3 or .MP3 which are recognized by other software. The only method to make sure that PowerMp3 plays all mp3 files is to make sure that the extension of the music files is .mp3

To change file extension in Windows Operating Systems

Open (My)computer ->select Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Check the box "Hide extension of Known file Types"
Now all files in your system will show extension
Change the extension of all MP3 files to .mp3.
Load the files to your phone. Now your powerMP3 plays all mp3 songs
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deleting pre-installed java games in symbian phones

As a norm of becoming the ultimate multimedia hand held devices 99% of mobile phones nowadays come preloaded with java games. They are usually cool and handy to spend some quality leisure time. But it may also get necessary to remove games from some phones eg: business phones. This post helps you to remove such preinstalled java games which usually may not have an uninstall/delete option.

Note: This post uses F explorer 1.17. Download here
To remove an installed application
1.Open Fexplorer 1.17 on phone.
2.Go to folder C:\system\midlets
3.You will see several folders with random names.
4.Open each folder just to identify the application to delete ( for example teashark.jar).
5.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
6.Go to folder C:\system\apps
It will also contain some random folders.
7.Identify the folder to be removed. This can be done either by verifying the thumbnail image in the folder or opening the .txt file which contains the name of the application.
8.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
9. Restart the phone(recommended).
The Java application is completely removed

Pre installed applications can be reinstalled on phone either by
1. restoring factory settings
2. formatting phone memory (read full post)
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Removing an uninstallable theme from Symbian Phones

Themes or Skins are one of the most popular customizable option in a symbian mobile phone. They come in .sis formats and are available for free download on many sites on the web. The increasing popularity of downloadable themes have caused a serious problem of poorly compiled themes. And mostly there is no method to know if a theme is properly compiled unless you install it.
Such themes may not be uninstalled properly from the phone. This phone deals with a method to remove uninstallable themes using Fexplorer 1.17
Download Fexplorer 1.17 here

1. Open Fexplorer in phone.
2. Go to E:\System\skins
3. You can see the random folders in which themes are installed
4. Open folder and identify the theme to be deleted.
5. Delete the folder.
6. restart the phone (recommended)

Go to drive C:\ instead of E:\ if the theme is installed in phone memory
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Removing an uninstallabe Java application from a Symbian Phone

Many of us may have installed several applications in our mobile phones to enhance its functionalities. Most of these applications are secure and can be easily removed by uninstall option. But some java applications may turn nasty and may not get removed by uninstall due to several reasons, the foremost being corruption of files. This post introduces an effective method to remove such files completely from your mobile phone by using a phone explorer like Fexplorer or YBrowser
This post uses Fexplorer 1.17 and can be downloaded here
This trick is possible only because of the simple fact that Java applications do not leave any registry entries or files in other than two mentioned folders

To remove an installed application
1.Open Fexplorer 1.17 on phone.
2.Go to folder C:\system\midlets
3.You will see several folders with random names.
4.Open each folder just to identify the application to delete ( for example teashark.jar).
5.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
6.Go to folder C:\system\apps
It will also contain some random folders.
7.Identify the folder to be removed. This can be done either by verifying the thumbnail image in the folder or opening the .txt file which contains the name of the application.
8.After correctly identifying the folder; delete it!!
9. Restart the phone(recommended).
The Java application is completely removed

Note: To remove Java applications installed in memory card
goto drive E:\ instead of C:\
Tested in Nokia N70
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Removing Shortcut of Notes from GoTo menu in Symbian Phones

Usually in Symbian Phones like N70 a shortcut is created in the GoTo Menu as you a create a note in the phone. This feature provides easy access to the note from the Go To menu. But usually these shortcuts are not removed even if the notes are deleted and cannot be marked and deleted.Hence it clutters up the Go To menu and each and every shortcut must be deleted one by one
Here is a simple method using Fexplorer 1.17 that can delete several shortcuts in a simple step
This post requires Fexplorer 1.17 and can be downloaded here
1. Open Fexplorer in your phone.
2. Go to folder C:\System\favourites
3. Now several .lnk (extension for shortcut files) are visible.
4. Select the appropriate files (or all )and delete them.
5. Multiple select or marking is done by pressing key 0 in Fexplorer.
6. The shortcuts are vanished!!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Transfer contacts part 2: between any multimedia phones using vcard

This post includes transfer of contacts between multimedia mobile phones of different or same brand eg:- transfer contacts from a Nokia n73 to a sony ericcson K800i. This involves converting contacts into a common format called vcard format(business card format) vcard is a standard format from the IETF for an electronic business card that includes fields for photos, sound,multiple phone number entries and company logos. Information is transported in a file with a .vcf extension which are normally very small in size.
Almost all multimedia phones irrespective of brand support vcard format. It also has support for transfer of contacts through sms, infrared, bluetooth etc and hence copying files to a computer is not mandatory.

1.First convert the contacts to vcard format
This is done by copying files into any memory device like memory card or by copying files into the system

In nokia phones:-
Open contacts> Options> Copy > To memory card
This saves the contacts in vcard format in the memory card in a folder called
memory card > others>contacts

Now contacts can be sent as any normal file over bluetooth,IR or even sms
2.Copy these files into a computer.
3.Again copy these files to the memory card of newer phone.
4.Click on these files to install contacts into phonebook.
For multiple contacts just mark multiple files and click

Alternatively in nokia phones
copy files to the folder
memory card > others > contacts
Then open contacts> Options> Copy > From memory card.

Also read transfer contacts part 1
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Transfer contacts from one nokia phone to another part 1

Very often people find the need to transfer the contacts from their older mobile phone to a newer one or transfer contacts to their new second phone. This post involves methods of transferring contacts from one nokia phone to another without using an intermediate computer Some of methods existing are

1.Using Data transfer application in your Nokia phone
DataTransfer is a built in application in nokia phones which is a convenient method for transferring data, including entire folders, from one phone to another. It can transfer an entire Contacts, Calendar, or Gallery folder over bluetooth and hence has all the convenience of wireless methods

1.Find an application on your device called Transfer, Data Transfer, or Data Mover. Usually found in the Tools folder by default.
2.Switch on Bluetooth on both phones
3.Open the application and follow the onscreen instructions to move the supported data formats to another paired, compatible phone.
Compatible phones include all Nokia phones based on S60 software and newer editions of Java phones.

2. Using Memory Card
This method can be used to transfer contacts or files only in phones which use the same type of memory card, irrespective of the phone manufacturer
First copy the contacts to memory card

In nokia phones:-
Open contacts> Options> Copy > To memory card
Remove the memory card from the phone and insert it in the second phone

Now copy back to the phone memory
In nokia phones:-
Open contacts> Options> Copy > From memory card
voila!! your entire contacts has been copied to your new phone.
The above two methods copies the contacts as itis. Hence it will support multiple phone number entries, other details like email, address, webpage etc

3. Using SIM card
This method is the most primitive form of contact transfer. Just copy your contacts to the sim card and copy back to the newer phone. This method limits the transfer by the simcard limit and can only used to transfer phone numbers and hence is not by anyone nowadays

also read transferring contacts part 2
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Block unwanted sms, calls or mms using Blackballer

Many a time we may have desired not to recieve calls from somebody or some iritating ad sms from a number etc. Several Governments are debating with cellular companies to give users the freedom to block unwanted calls or sms. Blackballer is a symbian software which gives you the power to select the numbers from which you to recieve a call or sms(whitelist) or the numbers you wish to block

Creating lists both black and white is very simple as you can import from your mobiles phonebook itself or key in any particular number.It also contains a log of such blocked numbers you can configure
Download blackballer 1.1 here
Download blackballer 2.1.1 trial for symbian v3 phones here
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Unlock your Memory card password using Fexplorer

Note: This trick works only on symbian phones and also only on the phone in which the memory card was locked. It requires a phone explorer software like F explorer or Y Browser.
This method helps you retrieve memory card password from its stored location in the phone Follow these simple steps.
1. Run FExplorer and Open the path C:\system.
2. You will find a file called mmcstore
3. Using F explorer itself copy the file to a location in the memory card or gallery
4. Copy that file(mmcstore) to your pc
5. Rename the file to mmcstore.txt and open that file in notepad.
6. You will find your password in that file

Download F explorer 1.17 here
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Using Copy- Paste option in Symbian phones

This is a very old trick and has been in existence since the very first edition of symbian OS in mobile phones. But it is really useful to be able to copy text from one editor and paste in other. for eg, copy from messages editor and paste in calendar or to do entry It is really simple

1)Press and hold the pencil key and select your text using the scroll key or D pad.
2)Left function key will change to 'Copy'. Press it to copy the selected text to clipboard. ( the pencil key must be kept pressed)

3)once copied you can release the pencil key.
Inorder to paste in some editor, open it first
4)press and hold the pencil key. now the right soft key changes to 'Paste'.
5)Press 'Paste'. Or, press pencil key once and select 'Paste'.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Safe mode in symbian phones

Safe mode in windows and other operating systems is quite known. In safe mode the Operating system just loads the default files which are essential to boot up. This mode is present in the symbian operating system also. In some conditions after installing some programs you may feel like it is taking a hell lot of time for the phone to start This is because those applications might contain an autorun feature. Safe boot is very easy and handy.

Inorder to safe boot just hold down the pencil key and switch on your phone. The pencil key must be pressed until either the phone becomes on or the PIN code screen appears.

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Improve battery life of your phone

Batteries are important part of any mobile phone, whether it be a cool 5 mp camera phone or a simple black and white phone. Batteries play an important role in maintaining your phone in good conditions. Here are some basic tips to ensure that you can extend the battery life. These steps can also be applied when your running low on phone charge

1. Turn off your Bluetooth whenever your not using it.

2. Lower the brightness of your screen.

3. Always full charge your phone. And remember to charge only when the battery indication becomes low. This ensures proper charging - discharging cycle which eventually decides your battery life.

4. Set the Power saver time-out and the Light time-out to the low values (you’ll find them in the display settings).

5. If you are not using an application close it. active applications running in the background can hog up the juice and make your phone sluggish. (minimized application can be opened by long pressing the menu button in symbian)

6. Games – it’s fun to play games on your way to school/office but they are power-hungry beasts; I can’t tell you not to play games but think about your battery when you are playing.

7. Turn off your phone when you have no signal coverage and is not expecting one.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Take Screenshots on your symbian phone

Screenshot is a simple symbian application which allows you to take screenshots of your mobile screen. You can take screenshots of games, menu, standby etc and almost anything that appears on the screen Screen shot allows you to save the image file in jpg, bmp ,mbm amd png formats
It also has provisions to save in any image quality

You can also set shortcut key and memory location

Here are some sample screen shots

download screen shot for version 2 symbian( N70,6600, sony ericsson etc) here
download screenshot for version 3 symbain ( N73, N95,N78 etc) here
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Buying Second Hand Mobile Phones

Buying Second Hand Mobile Phones is the most cheapest way to adapt to the technology of the yesteryear. It allows people with a lower cash budget, especially college students, to buy phones which usually costs a fortune. It also facilitates easier method to change phone models. Second hand phone market has been booming equally as the mobile market and hence there are high chances that you could end up buying a faulty phone. Follow these simple guidlines and make sure you dont get fooled.

  • Buy well established models of trusted brands ( like Sony Ericcson,Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc) only. Check out with friends having these models you shortlisted
  • Never buy outdated models( eg. VGA cams, low pixel screen etc)
  • Prefer not to buy phones over 3 years old as they have greater chances of a higher radiation level (SAR),slower interface or duplicate battery replacements
  • Look for phones with genuine Accesories ( charger , datacable etc) or package box. If no box or accessories ask for a bill. The phone may be a stolen piece and may later cause you problems.
  • Preferably buy phones under warranty. They might cost extra, but are worth it
  • Check all external buttons like keypad, side function buttons, camera keys, shutter, memory card slot etc
  • Check all basic functionalities of the phone like call, sms, gprs. Buy if only satisfied.
  • Lastly ask dealer to remove the phones casing. If you can see any wires or fresh soldering the phone is surely an adjustment and is repaired.

If you are satisfied with the phone after following the above guidelines, be sure you have struck a good deal

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Virus affected phone?? cleanse in simple steps

Newer generation mobile phones especially symbian phones have been recently targeted by several viruses like comwarrior. Viruses usually spread through unsecure bluetooth or mms connections. They also spread when an infected memory card is inserted on a phone.A Typical phone virus usually sends sms from your phone or switches on Bluetooth even when it is OFF in menu or drains up Battery charge quickly by running some background applications. Here are some of the basic guidelines to virus free your phone (includes formatting)

  • Back up all your phone contacts, messages etc using default methods to a system.
  • Remove memory card/stick
  • Format the memory card using a card reader saperately. This prevents the virus from reentering the memory card after format
  • Restore factory settings of phone or format phone memory. Use code *#7730 for Nokia Read more
  • Secure the Bluetooth of your phone to avoid further infection Read more
  • Insert memory card back and avoid using phones in mass storage mode when connected to unverified systems
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Proxy settings for Nokia Java Phones

In Nokia Java Phones Series40 OS (v2 & v3), Nokia has removed the ability to specify a proxy server associated with an access point. Therefore, those with WAP network plans (such as Airtel live users) are unable to use JAVA programs that require internet access (such as Opera Mini, Google Maps,Teashark etc).However, Nokia does allow users to create a provisioning document which allows users to make their Java phones compatible with such network. This document, created in wbxml, specifies an access point along with a proxy. The S40 phone recognizes the configuration settings in the document and allows the JAVA midlet to use those instead, thereby allowing the midlet to access the proxy.
Here are some provisioning(.prov) settings for different networks
To install these provisional settings

  • Download the file from below link of corresponding network
  • Recognize the required proxy for your region
  • Send the corresponding .prov file as a message. The file must come in inbox to be recognised. You can send over bluetooth or use bluesoleil send files option. copy pasting will not work
  • Save the configuration settings received
  • Go to Configuration settings menu
  • Make the recieved settings as default for all applications
  • Now you can use 3rd party Java applets like Teashark or Opera Mini to acess the internet

for Airtel india users download here

for CellOne india users download here

for non indian users download here

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Securing a Bluetooth Phone

Bluetooth is a short ranged, wireless connectivity method over which one can transfer files,audio etc. But recently bluetooth is being used for malicious purposes like data and image theft.Unsecured Bluetooth can also pave way for easier virus attacks especially comwarrior. Here are some guidelines to secure the Bluetooth functionality of your phone

  • Never keep the Bluetooth ON. This could make you easily vulnerable to bluetooth hacks and virus attacks. It would also drain your battery away
  • If you want to keep your bluetooth ON for some reason (eg. bluetooth headset), Keep it in hidden mode. ( disable 'shown to all' feature).Pair your headset, It will show up even if hidden
  • Never Pair with unknown devices.
  • Never allow authorised access to any of the paired devices.(Disable authorised acess feature)

To check your Bluetooth device address type *#2820# in standby screen.

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Enabling Auto keypad lock for symbian phones

Auto keypad lock is a feature in almost all mobile phones in which the phone keypad gets locked automatically after a pre defined time period.Auto lock is a handy feature as it prevents unneccessary calls by mistake. But unfortunately Nokia's Symbian Series phones like N70,N73etc lack this feature. Here are some steps to enable this feature on your symbian phone

Auto lock can be enabled by using an addon called autolock.sis
This add on facilitates the autolock feature in a predefined time interval
Even though there are several autolock addons like Jlock, Psiloc lock, M lock etc. I prefer autolock as it is free, small and does not appear as a background application

Download autolock from here
Install it to your phone via pc
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hiding files on your mobile phone using F Explorer in Symbian Phones

F Explorer is a disc explorer utility for symbian phones(Similar to Windows explorer on a computer). In Symbian phones with dynamic gallery, all gallery files are listed under the class or type reardless of wherever you store the file. Hence all image files come under Images, Video files under video etcSo even hidden images like album art etc are shown and you cannot hide any of the images stored in the normal folders
F Explorer provides a unique way for hiding files of your choice.
Unlike default phone explorers F Explorer displays the system folder. You will find many system files and folders here. Create a folder under this folder. Store all files you want hidden in this folder.The gallery cannot index these files and as a result they are not shown in gallery.

NOTE:files hidden can be viewed by programs like real player, divx player, image browser etc. So clear recent files after viewing.
NOTE2: Never alter any system files as this may affect the proper functioning of your phone

Download FExplorer 1.17 here
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Checking Functions ( Test Menu) in a Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

It is a tedious process to check all functions in a phone, especially when buying one from a second hand market.Sony Ericsson has implemented an application in all its mobiles having Joystick navigation to check all the features under a single menuThis feature can be accessed by typing the below code in stand by menu

Code: RJ,*,LJ,LJ,*,LJ,*

RJ is Right Joystick key
LJ is Left Joystick key

You can check several functions like vibration,call, camera(if present),display etc.
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Formatting the phone memory of Nokia 6600/N70/N73

Formatting the phone memory is required when a symbian phone is virus affected and cannot be recovered by simply restoring the factory settings. Usually after format the essential firmware is reloaded automatically to the phone memory from an inbuilt ROM present inphone itself.

Note: Formatting phone memory will erase all phone contents including contacts,messages and settings. Hence it is strongly advised to back up all your phone contents

Step By Step Procedure
Backup all essential phone contents.
Remove Memory Card
Switch Off the phone
In the switched off state press *,3,call(green button)
While keeping the above buttons still pressed, switch on the phone

You will now see a format window (in 6600) otherwise Nokia page( in other phones)
Enter date and time zone after format.
Your phone is now formatted and is as clean as a new mobile
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Check the life timer on Nokia phones

Life timer is a provision on all Nokia mobile phones to check the total airtime usage. It is an important tool for second hand buyers to check if the phone was overused.Life timer provides an info regarding the average usage in hoursTo acess this feature in Nokia phones type in the code in stand by mode
Code= *#92702689#
In Series 40 and below phones, this code provides unique information like repair, purchase date, life timer, imei number etc
In Series 60 and above phones it gives only the life timer.
Any life timer with 300 hours or below for 1 year indicates normal usage of phone
Note:The life timer can be reset by replacing the software of the phone.Hence it is not the last word in phone usage.

Other related codes
code *#06#
gives the IMEI code or serial number of the mobile
code *#0000#
gives the software version used in the nokia phone
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rescuing a cellphone from water damages

Most cellphone warranties do not cover water damage. So it remains utmost essential to prevent water logging in your cell phone. Traces of water in the cell phone may cause short circuiting of the board, which usually cannot be repaired.Water logging will also damage the display of the phone.

Here are some first aid tips to protect your wet phone from gettingdamaged...

  • Switch Off the phone immediately.
  • Remove Battery and Sim card from Socket.
  • Clean Using a clean and dry cloth
  • Remove Casing (if possible)
  • Keep mobile in an inclined standing position and allow to dry under a fan.
  • Do a normal service at a nearby authorized service center as soon as possible.
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