Saturday, October 4, 2008

Virus affected phone?? cleanse in simple steps

Newer generation mobile phones especially symbian phones have been recently targeted by several viruses like comwarrior. Viruses usually spread through unsecure bluetooth or mms connections. They also spread when an infected memory card is inserted on a phone.A Typical phone virus usually sends sms from your phone or switches on Bluetooth even when it is OFF in menu or drains up Battery charge quickly by running some background applications. Here are some of the basic guidelines to virus free your phone (includes formatting)

  • Back up all your phone contacts, messages etc using default methods to a system.
  • Remove memory card/stick
  • Format the memory card using a card reader saperately. This prevents the virus from reentering the memory card after format
  • Restore factory settings of phone or format phone memory. Use code *#7730 for Nokia Read more
  • Secure the Bluetooth of your phone to avoid further infection Read more
  • Insert memory card back and avoid using phones in mass storage mode when connected to unverified systems


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