Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enabling Auto keypad lock for symbian phones

Auto keypad lock is a feature in almost all mobile phones in which the phone keypad gets locked automatically after a pre defined time period.Auto lock is a handy feature as it prevents unneccessary calls by mistake. But unfortunately Nokia's Symbian Series phones like N70,N73etc lack this feature. Here are some steps to enable this feature on your symbian phone

Auto lock can be enabled by using an addon called autolock.sis
This add on facilitates the autolock feature in a predefined time interval
Even though there are several autolock addons like Jlock, Psiloc lock, M lock etc. I prefer autolock as it is free, small and does not appear as a background application

Download autolock from here
Install it to your phone via pc


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thnks it helped a lot

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