Saturday, October 4, 2008

Buying Second Hand Mobile Phones

Buying Second Hand Mobile Phones is the most cheapest way to adapt to the technology of the yesteryear. It allows people with a lower cash budget, especially college students, to buy phones which usually costs a fortune. It also facilitates easier method to change phone models. Second hand phone market has been booming equally as the mobile market and hence there are high chances that you could end up buying a faulty phone. Follow these simple guidlines and make sure you dont get fooled.

  • Buy well established models of trusted brands ( like Sony Ericcson,Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc) only. Check out with friends having these models you shortlisted
  • Never buy outdated models( eg. VGA cams, low pixel screen etc)
  • Prefer not to buy phones over 3 years old as they have greater chances of a higher radiation level (SAR),slower interface or duplicate battery replacements
  • Look for phones with genuine Accesories ( charger , datacable etc) or package box. If no box or accessories ask for a bill. The phone may be a stolen piece and may later cause you problems.
  • Preferably buy phones under warranty. They might cost extra, but are worth it
  • Check all external buttons like keypad, side function buttons, camera keys, shutter, memory card slot etc
  • Check all basic functionalities of the phone like call, sms, gprs. Buy if only satisfied.
  • Lastly ask dealer to remove the phones casing. If you can see any wires or fresh soldering the phone is surely an adjustment and is repaired.

If you are satisfied with the phone after following the above guidelines, be sure you have struck a good deal


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