Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hiding files on your mobile phone using F Explorer in Symbian Phones

F Explorer is a disc explorer utility for symbian phones(Similar to Windows explorer on a computer). In Symbian phones with dynamic gallery, all gallery files are listed under the class or type reardless of wherever you store the file. Hence all image files come under Images, Video files under video etcSo even hidden images like album art etc are shown and you cannot hide any of the images stored in the normal folders
F Explorer provides a unique way for hiding files of your choice.
Unlike default phone explorers F Explorer displays the system folder. You will find many system files and folders here. Create a folder under this folder. Store all files you want hidden in this folder.The gallery cannot index these files and as a result they are not shown in gallery.

NOTE:files hidden can be viewed by programs like real player, divx player, image browser etc. So clear recent files after viewing.
NOTE2: Never alter any system files as this may affect the proper functioning of your phone

Download FExplorer 1.17 here


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you can use other apps like Xplore FileMan etc to do the same...

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