Friday, October 23, 2009

Change time settings in Orkut Profile

I have seen many people complain that the time settings in scraps in orkut doesnt match the local time, and hence this special post. There is no time settings in orkut and so many feel this is a bug.
Whereas this is just because of google's single sign on policy.

To change your time settings in orkut, all you have to do is to log on to using your orkut username and password. There you have to go to my account(top right corner of the webpage) and edit your personal info. Here you can change your timezone and country. This will reflect on all Google apps immediately.
Happy orkutting
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dreaming about the future phone.. watch this. Pomegranate NS08

Pomegrante NS08 is a fictional mobile phone with functions you wouldnt even think about, just like a video projector, live voice translator, harmonica, coffee maker, and shaving razor. Even though it was a publicity stunt to attract interest in Nova Scotia,a Canadian province located on Canada's southeastern coast, the official website boasts a spectacular flash video on how the future phone would be.
Sit Back and enjoy the youtube video here
Hope the phone manufacurers sees the concept and create a real one in near future..
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Write your text messages on "air"!!!

The next destined killerapp for iPhone could easily be an application called the PhonePoint Pen which allows users to 'write' short notes in the air with their mobile phone.The notes are then sent automatically to a designated e-mail address. The app was created by engineering students at Duke University in North Carolina, USA.

So how is it supposed to work?
The application makes use of the accelerometer technology already present in most of the high end phones like iPhone.With the help of the accelerometer the application will track and record the phone's external motions and use a predictive coordinate system to recognise the letters.

The application is expected to be out within a year so watch out
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

delete symbian games or applications which do not show up in application manager

This post is especially for symbian phones which contain a file manager like fexplorer. In Nokia Series 60 phones like N70 there is a problem with the inbuilt application manager used to remove the installed , if you install several applications or themes back to back, some of them might not show up in the application manager.
To remove such applications follow the below steps

Note : To remove Java (*.jar) applications or games , refer to the post

For Symbian (.sis) applications
1. Open Fexplorer 1.17 on phone.
2. Go to folder C:\system\apps
3. It will contain a folder for the particular application and usually has the same name.
4. After identifying the correct folder, delete it.
5. Go to folder C:\system\data
6. It will contain some shortcuts and files for the symbian application you just deleted. Identify by name and delete them.
7. Go to folder C:\system\install
8. It will contain some log or reg files for the symbian application you just deleted. Identify by name and delete them.
9. Restart the phone (recommended)
10. All the remaining registry files and junk files will be automatically deleted and you have sucessfully removed the symbian app from your phone.

Note: To remove Symbian applications installed in memory card
goto drive E:\ instead of C:\
Tested in Nokia N70

This post uses Fexplorer 1.17 and can be downloaded here
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Create , View , Edit MS Office 2007 documents in Symbian Phones

Documents are part of our life, whether it be a letter, a balance sheet or a presentation. The power of mobile computing has so increased that now one can view Microsoft office documents created on the computer on a symbian 60 phone. This is by using a software called Quick Office Premier. Quickoffice Premier 6.0 allows you to View, Edit and Create Microsoft® Office 2007 and earlier documents on your Symbian 3rd edition device. It contains four sections like
1.Quick Point : for power point presentations.
2.Quick Word : for word documents.
3.Quick Sheet : for excel files
4.Quick Manager : a file manager to manage your files.

Quickoffice Premier 6.0 is available for several platforms like android, windows mobile etc along with symbian. Even though it costs around 39$ as of now, Quickoffice Premier 5.0 is available for free download.
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Copy messages (sms) from phone memory to memory card

Messages by default are stored in the Phone memory in Nokia Symbian phones. One might require to copy the messages in phone memory to memory card for backup or transfer. The default storage can be easily changed to memory card using menu
Open Messaging-> Settings -> Other -> Memory in Use
Change it to the memory card

Inorder to shift already recieved messages or to copy existing messages.

Open Fexplorer (download here)

Goto folder C:\ System\Mail
Copy all folders and files.
Now goto E:\System (where E drive is your memory card).
Create a folder named Mail.
Now the folder should look like E:\ System\Mail
Paste all folders and files here.
Now the messages are transferred to the memory card.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reset Operator Logos On Symbian Phones

Operator logo's are small images (colour or black and white) which appear on the stand by screen instead of operator name. In most symbian phones you cannot delete an installed operator logo. This post presents a simple method to reset your operator logo to default

This tip needs a third party file manager software ( like F Explorer) installed on your phone. Download F Explorer 1.17 here

i) go to the following directory in your phone :

ii) delete any file in this directory
iii) restart the phone

The operator logo is surely reset

Now if you want to put a new operator logo

i) select a .bmp picture ( only this format is supported)
the selected picture must be of size 97 x 25 pixels. You can resize images easily using Nokia PC Suite
ii)go to the following directory in your phone :
iii)paste the picture here
iv) restart phone

The new operator logo is ready
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Transfer calender entries using nokia pc suite

Calender entries form a part of everybodys organised life. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings, Memos all have penetrated into our mobile. Fortunately one can transfer calendar notes from one Nokia phones to another using Nokia PC Suite
Note: This method requires Nokia PC Suite installed on your computer.
Follow these simple steps
1.Open Nokia PC Suite on your computer
2.Connect your phone to the computer using datacable or bluetooth
3.Open Back-up(content copier) from main menu of Nokia PC Suite.
4.Select option to backup contents from phone to pc.
5.Check calender from the given options.
6.Select the location to store the backup file and save the .nbu file
7.Connect the second phone to the PC after disconnecting the first phone.
8.Open Back-up(content copier) from main menu of Nokia PC Suite.
9.Select option to restore contents from pc to phone.
10.Select the previous saved .nbu file
11.Restore it to the new phone.
12.The calender entries have been transferred.

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