Sunday, April 5, 2009

delete symbian games or applications which do not show up in application manager

This post is especially for symbian phones which contain a file manager like fexplorer. In Nokia Series 60 phones like N70 there is a problem with the inbuilt application manager used to remove the installed , if you install several applications or themes back to back, some of them might not show up in the application manager.
To remove such applications follow the below steps

Note : To remove Java (*.jar) applications or games , refer to the post

For Symbian (.sis) applications
1. Open Fexplorer 1.17 on phone.
2. Go to folder C:\system\apps
3. It will contain a folder for the particular application and usually has the same name.
4. After identifying the correct folder, delete it.
5. Go to folder C:\system\data
6. It will contain some shortcuts and files for the symbian application you just deleted. Identify by name and delete them.
7. Go to folder C:\system\install
8. It will contain some log or reg files for the symbian application you just deleted. Identify by name and delete them.
9. Restart the phone (recommended)
10. All the remaining registry files and junk files will be automatically deleted and you have sucessfully removed the symbian app from your phone.

Note: To remove Symbian applications installed in memory card
goto drive E:\ instead of C:\
Tested in Nokia N70

This post uses Fexplorer 1.17 and can be downloaded here


Anonymous said...

I installed lcg jukebox and successfully got the code and registered it.. Then the authentication nag appeared.. Even if I uninstall it and install different version of lcg jukebox, they were already registered.. I want to completely remove it, including the registration data.. Please help me!..

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